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Why Grease Trap Maintenance Is Best Left To The Experts

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There are tens of thousands of restaurants, kitchens, and hospitality venues across America that all produce an enormous amount of grease and sludge every day. While you might not notice this sludge and grease being dispatched during the day because it is done in minor increments, if you do not empty and maintain your grease trap at regular intervals you can set yourself up for serious failure. However, doing this on your own is fraught with problems. Here is why you should use a grease trap maintenance expert instead of trying to do this task on your own.

Identify Issues Before They Become Prevalent

There are quite a few different components involved in a healthy grease trap, and should one of them, or multiple, fail to work as intended then the entire grease trap can become useless. Identifying the early onset signs of rust and tears in your strainers and gaskets is critical. While you may be able to adequately clean your grease trap, it is very unlikely you will spot these issues before it is too late to do anything about them other than overhaul your entire unit. That is much more expensive and can put you out of order for several days.

Do A Better Job 

The simple fact is that experts who specialize in grease trap maintenance are going to be better at doing it than you would be. They not only can do it efficiently so there is as little time spent out of order as possible, but they are very thorough as well. From inspecting all the aforementioned little parts to cleaning everything and making sure that when turned back on it works as it should. You pay a plumber to inspect and maintain your pipes, so it makes sense that you would do the same with such a niche piece of equipment like your grease trap.

Prevent Hazards

If your grease trap is not maintained to a high order, then there is a very real possibility of a dangerous event. Grease, after all, is extremely flammable. Should a flame or even an ember reach the grease trap that is not properly maintained, it could catch fire and consume the unit, as well as much more than that. Fires can even spread into drainage systems, which is very dangerous indeed. Safety should always come first, and the fact that a grease trap presents such a danger at all indicates why you should always trust an expert over yourself. 

For more information on grease trap maintenance, contact a professional near you.