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Moving To A New Area And Need Waste And Recycling Services? Ask These Important Questions First

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If are moving into a new home and you aren't sure what waste removal company you should choose, you want to talk with all of the companies in the area that are options. This way you can find out what services are available at your house, who does both recycling and trash, and what the costs will be. When you get these companies on the phone and you are asking the questions, before that you ask these following things before decide on a service provider.

Get Prices for Waste and Recycling

Call around to get the prices for waste and recycling. Signing up for both services should give you a discounted rate, or there should be a bundle package. Find out what the pickup days are for your area, and if both waste and recycling are picked up each week. This way you don't sign a contract an find out your recycling is only bi-weekly and you've overpaid or a similar scenario.

Read Restrictions and Guidelines

Read the restrictions and guidelines. You want to know what you can recycle and what you can throw away. If you use a lot of a specific product or material and you find out after you've been loading your recycling bin that you can't toss that material in there, this is a waste of paying for the service. Go through the contract thoroughly, and find out if you get seasonal options like leaves or pumpkins.

Inquire for Group Pricing

A lot of waste management companies will give lowered rates to people close together that all use the service. It's an easy way for them to get more business. You want to talk with your neighbors or reach out to people that live on your street to be interested in group pricing discounts. This could save you a significant amount over the year.

The size of the bins is also something you want to ask about. If you have a large family or go through a lot of waste, having enough space each week is important. A person living on their own or just a couple of people in the house may be able to get a smaller container, and hopefully that would come with a lower rate. Once you ask about all of the above mentioned things with the providers in your area, you can choose what trash provider will be the most efficient for you. For more information, contact a metals company such as H & H Metals Co.