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Need Parts For A Project Car? 4 Tips For Searching Through A Scrap Yard

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If you need parts for a project car, and you don't want to pay full price for them, it's time to head to a nearby scrap yard. Most scrap yards are filled with junked cars that can be used for spare parts. If you've never been to a scrap yard before, here are four tips that will help you on your way.

Ensure Proper Personal Protection

If you're going to be heading to a scrap yard for the first time, you need to ensure that you have proper personal protection. There are a lot of hazards lurking in a scrap yard, especially once you start digging around in the cars for the parts you're looking for. To avoid injuries, you'll want to protect your eyes, hands and feet. Beginning with your eyes, always wear protective goggles when poking around a scrap yard. Moving on to your hands, you'll always want to wear heavy-duty gloves, especially when you're removing parts. Finally, protect your feet by wearing steel-toed boots.

Know What You Want

If you're going to spend time at the scrap yard, know what you want before you head out. You can get sidetracked quickly when you wander around a scrap yard without a list of what you're looking for. The last thing you want is to leave with parts you didn't need, while forgetting the ones you went to the scrap yard for in the first place. Make a list of what you're looking for, and find those items first. If you have additional time, start looking for other hidden treasures that you might need later.

Bring the Right Tools

If you're going purchase parts from a scrap yard, bring the right tools. Most scrap yards will not provide tools, which means you'll need to be prepared with your own. One of the most important tools you can bring is a sturdy wheelbarrow, especially for those heavier parts. If you're not sure what tools to bring, contact the scrap yard. They can provide you with a list of the most common tools that most people need during their visits to the scrap yard.

Work as a Group

If you have a long list of items that you need, work as a group. Bring several people with you and divide up the items on the list. That way, each of you can look for one or two specific items, instead of wandering the scrap yard by yourself. Groups also work well when the item you're looking for is too big and bulky for one person to handle together.

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