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3 Ways To Reduce The Amount Of Trash You Toss In Your Dumpster

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If you rent a dumpster and are growing tired of how quickly it fills up, practice some of the following tips to reduce the amount of trash that you throw away. Not only will you be saving space in your dumpster, you will also be helping out the environment by not throwing away items that can be used for another purpose.

Donate Food To Those In Need

If you are in the habit of tossing away food items, foul odors can linger around the dumpster and attract insects. Instead of throwing food away, donate it to a good cause. Check with local farmers in your area to see if they would be interested in receiving food scraps on a regular basis to give to their livestock. Set up a bin to place the scraps in and make arrangements to have them picked up on a weekly basis. If you have leftovers after dinner each evening, place them in storage bags and donate them to a shelter or soup kitchen.

Create A Composting Bin

Composted materials can be added to your garden or flower beds to increase the nutrient content in the soil. Place organic food waste inside of a bin that has a secure lid. Organic items include egg shells, fruit rinds, and vegetable peels. Add paper products and wood chips to the bin whenever you have some that need to be disposed of.

Keep the bin covered and stir the contents a couple times each week. The items will decompose and turn into a dark brown substance that looks similar to dirt. This may occur within a few weeks up to a year. Add the composted material around any plants or flowers on your property.

Purchase Items In Bulk

Instead of purchasing small quantities of items from grocery stores, select larger containers of the products that you need. Purchasing items in bulk makes sense because it reduces the amount of packaging that you need to throw away. The items that you purchase will last longer, as well, and are often sold for less money than you would be charged if you were to purchase smaller containers.

After trying out each of these tips, you may notice that your dumpster isn't overflowing with trash as often as it used to be. Your property will be cleaner, as well, since you won't have to deal with food spills, foul odors, and pests as you may have in the past.

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