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Learn The Proper Way To Transport Items To The Dump

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If you are trying to get a home ready to sell, you will more than likely be in a hurry to get items out of the home as soon as possible. If you plan to take the items to a local landfill, it is important to know how to move them safely and legally. Use the following guide to learn how to transport items to the dump properly.

Secure Large Items

Large items thrown into the back of a truck or in a trailer need to be secured with tie down straps. The straps need to be tight enough to prevent the items from flying out of the back of a truck  or trailer if you hit a pothole or have to suddenly slam on the brakes. If you do not secure the items and they cause damage when they fall out of the back of the truck, you will be responsible for paying for the damage out of your own pocket.

Cover and Contain Loose Trash

Loose trash will fly out of your truck or trailer quickly if it is not covered. You can easily secure loose trash by putting it in bags or covering your entire bed of the truck or trailer with a tarp and then securing the tarp with bungee cords. The tarp will keep the wind from being able to catch the trash and cause it to fly out of the truck bed.

Properly Mark Long Items

Long items such as ladders and mattresses need to have a small flag at the end of them to mark where they end. This is to allow yourself and other drivers to better assess how large the item you are hauling is. It is best to mark anything that sticks off of the edge of your truck or trailer by a foot or more.

Do Not Drive with Your Hazards On

Driving with your hazard lights on because you think you are warning others that you have potentially dangerous items in the back of your truck or trailer may not be a good idea. Hazard lights are designed to warn someone when you have broken down suddenly on the side of the road and in some jurisdictions, it is actually illegal to drive with them on. If you drive with hazards on and stop at a red light, someone could try to go around you because they think your car has broken down. This could end up causing an accident when you start moving.

If you follow these simple tips for transporting items to the local dump, you should have no problem getting the job done quickly and easily. If you try to throw everything into the back of a truck and move as much as you can at once, you could risk having things fall out along the way and hurt you, as well as other people. Contact professionals, such as those from Waconia Roll-Off Service, for further assistance.