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How To Prevent Your Scrap Metal Collection From Being Stolen

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Scrap metal is a valuable material that many people have around their homes. Many people collect scrap metal for a while, and then take it to the recycling center to get paid for their efforts. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals out there that prey on scrappers and steal the metals that they have collected. Are you a scrapper? If so, it is time to learn how to protect the scrap metal that you have collected.

Improve Security

Sometimes, all that is needed to keep thieves from stealing from you is a quality security camera system and a few signs. If thieves know that they are being recorded, they could very well move on to an easier target.

Install video cameras that cover all areas of your property, but especially directed at the scrap and any entrance and exit routes the thieves could take. Make sure that some of the cameras are easily visible, while positioning one or two of them in areas that are less easily seen. This will help to prevent the dismantling of the security cameras during a burglary.

Place visible video monitoring signs around your property and directly around the area where the scrap metal is stored. You want to make the potential thieves aware of the fact that they are being watched, to hopefully, scare them off of your property.

Building Security

If possible, store the scrap metals inside a locked building of some type. Even a simple shed can help to increase the security of the metal. Just be sure to use high-quality locks on the building to make it impossible for thieves to enter.

Keep the area around the storage building clear of bushes and things that can be hidden behind. You want to be able to see everything that is going on around your collection, so make this a priority.

Do not give thieves easy access to the building. Don't place a storage building under a tree or store ladders around it. Sometimes, thieves can gain easy access to a building if they have access to the roof.

Install motion detection lighting around the building. The minute a light comes on, many thieves will run away and your metal scrap will be safe.

Insure the Metal

Talk with your insurance agent to learn about any possible protection that you may be able to add to your homeowners insurance policy. Theft is typically covered, but you must be sure that your policy includes coverage for things like scrap metal around the property.

Taking preventative measures is always the best course of action. You didn't go through all of the work of collecting scrap metal just to have it stolen out from under you.