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Be Environmentally Conscious - Recycling Your Electronics

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While there are good environmental reasons for not throwing your old electronics into your standard garbage collection, there are also moral reasons. It is simply wrong to frivolously throw non-biodegradable items haphazardly into our landfills.

Countless studies have been performed over the last half-century that indicate our tendency to discard our refuse without the least little forethought has increased at an alarming rate. Dumping non-biodegradable garbage into our landfills is harming our wildlife, our water reserves, and adds toxins to our earth.

Electronics are not only made of potentially toxic plastics, but also have components that have an even higher level of toxicity. While all types of non-biodegradable trash need to be recycled, or disposed of properly, electronics are even more of a concern.

Pass it On

Many times your old electronics are still in good working condition, you just want to upgrade to a newer model. These types of items can be donated to schools, or other entities that can put the still useable electronics to good use.

Such organizations will take your old electronics and after checking the condition of the item, see that it gets to a place where it can still be useful. Sometimes items are given to needy individuals, while others are even sent to underdeveloped poor countries. By donating your usable electronics in such a way, you are passing on your good fortune.

Recycling Services

If your area does not have an exchange program where old electronics are passed on, they may have an electronics recycling service that is set up to properly dispose of the items. If your equipment is too old, or broken, it is still recyclable. Be careful to choose a reputable recycler (such as Arcoa).

A good way to be sure your items are simply going to be dumped on a developing nation to pollute their landfills, is to check for what is called the e-Steward network. A recycling service that is part of this network of conscientious recycling businesses will either see that your old electronics are reused, refurbished, or disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner.

Electronics Retailers Recycle Too

If there is not a good recycling service in your area, contact one of your local stores who sell electronics. There are numerous large retailers who now have a recycling program in place for used or broken electronics equipment.

All of the merchants who offer this type of recycling program will be listed as part of the e-Steward network, so you can be sure your equipment will be disposed of properly.

When your old electronics wear out their usefulness, breakdown, or it is just time for a new updated model, don't be part of the problem and toss it in your regular curbside garbage can. Show your environmental consciousness and find a recycling outlet to properly dispose of your item. Generations to come will thank us all for doing the right thing.